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Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online before making a purchase with them.

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Brg Mountain experience
Travels Well Spent Travel blog

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Web design

Beautiful, unique designs representing your personality and passion. Together we create a website that breathes your vision.

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Web development

Together we build the website suited to your needs, from booking systems and webshops, to course platforms and inspiring blogs.

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Branding & Marketing

Together we create a brand identity for your product. Translate this into a wholistic strategy, including business cards, posters & social media. 

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Digital Strategy & optimization

Determine the next step in your digital Journey to atomize, improve your customer experience and help your team work more effectively. 


Hey, my name is Myrthe, nice to meet you!

I have a passion for co-creating, and I wake up every day to help other people to make their dreams come true.

My background lies in Economics, Mathematics and Programming. As a passion project, I started to educate myself in the field of web development too. Design has stolen my heart, and especially translating peoples visions and personalities into an online presence.

On a personal level, I spend a lot of time practicing yoga & meditation. I am happiest when immersed in nature, for instance during long distance hikes

Myrthe van den Reek Colibri Coding

Approach & Vision

Empowering |
Co-Creation |
100% Unique design

Empowering | Co-Creation | 100% Unique Design

Empowering: My ultimate goal is to empower the companies I work with, such that after completion, clients can maintain and make minor changes to the website on their own.

Co-creation: The process is to me of as much importance as the end result. Accordingly, feedback and reiterations are an integral part of the process. Clear communication and connection are essential.

Unique design: To translate you into your website, all designs are fully original, without templates. In that way, we make your website 100% you.

My Work

Over the course of many years, I had the chance to work with many inspiring companies and entrepreneurs. Together we defined the aspired outcome and co-created the projects displayed below. Take a look for inspiration of what we can create together.

Brg Mountain experience

BRG Mountain Experience

Website for a Dutch Ski and hiking guide in Austria. The aim of this project was the creation of custom tour offerings for clients.


Victoria Craig Women Coach

Victoria is a British women embodiment coach and breathwork facilitator. Together we created her website to engage more clients and sell online coaching programs

Travels Well Spent Travel blog

Travels Well Spent

What started as a passion project, is now a travel blog, sharing information with over 1000s of people a month. It is focused on traveling Peru.

Hridaya Family

Hridaya Family Digital Consultancy

In order to offer retreats to more students, I worked with Hridaya family creating landing pages for multiple retreats, designed posters, created photos & promo videos…

Instituto Iguana

Instituto Iguana Teaching materials

Due to the increase in visitors to Mexico during the pandemic, this language school in Mazunte needed to digitize its teaching material processes.

My Palm Leaf Blog

Find my Palm Leaf Blog

This project involved the creation of a blog template for the existing website of My Palm Leaf. I also provided training to write blogs with SEO in mind.

Integrated Tantra course

Integrated Tantra

This one-page website displays the upcoming events that Ruben & Helena offer. It also introduces their vision, their passion, their offerings, and ways to contact them to stay in touch.

Helena Igel Breathwork

Helena Igel Breathwork

A one-page website introducing Helena, her Breathwork & coaching sessions. Including a pop-up email subscription that shows up when visitors access the free meditation.

Carla Novikova Breathwork

Carla Nivocova Breathwork

This project involved setting up a booking program for Carla’s Breathwork and coaching company. Furthermore, we created a branded Instagram presence.

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